WebKraft is an online web designing contest conducted as a part of Infinity 2k18 technical symposium of OU CSE. The following are the details regarding the event:
1. Round 1– It consists of 20 multiple choice questions with a time limit of 10 minutes.The questions consist of HTML5 and CSS3
2. Round 2– The shortlisted students of Round 1 will have to attempt 5 questions with a time duration of 45 minutes. In this round ,the students have to write the HTML,CSS and JS code for the given design (given to the student as a screenshot).
3. Round 3(Final round)– In this round the qualified students of round 2 will have to design a static webpage based on the given requirements. No internet connection will be provided to students during the round. Required files for bootstrap will be provided.

The round 2 will be conducted on March 9 at the fest itself and if time permits Round 3 will be conducted on the same day itself. The timings will be announced soon

Registration fee: Rs 100
2 Members per team