From the ‘King Of Pop’ to the ‘Queen Of Stardom’,from the ‘brave hearts’ to the ‘sweat champs’,from being ‘quick on the uptake’ to exhibiting thy ‘savviness’ if you think you have what it takes to prove your ‘divergence’, D’QUEST is here with five factions and conquer all the factions to prove yourself divergent.The factions commence with ABNEGATION which tests your cognizance,proceeds with AMITY to prove that you are a true entertainment fan ,CANDOR for the fact lovers , DAUNTLESS to remind you of the fearless and culminates with the ERUDITES to show that you are whip-smart. Now that we have given u a taste of all the factions,gear up for this exciting contest and own the success cake to relish your divergence.Stay tuned!!!


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